A hike along the old western main road (Gamle Vestlandske Hovedvei) is a walk through the road history. The old trunk road was built over Hegrestadfjellet as a riding road around 1810. In 1820, the riding road was widened so that it could be ridden by horse and carriage. From 1843, the road was part of the so-called Vestlandske main road. But towards the end of the 1930s, the road was considered completely unusable, and they used forced labourers from Opstad to build a new road from Tengs to Ogna. This was taken into use in 1940. The actual hiking trail runs along the disused national road in a hilly mountainous landscape. It is a nice walk on a gravel road that goes up and down a lot and can probably be a bit heavy for the youngest kids. You can also do the tour on a bike, but then you will probably have to walk up the steepest slopes. Along the way, there are several nice small lakes perfect for both swimming and fishing. Worth seeing along the route are, among other things, Hitlertennene at Brusand.