About iPhotos.no

Hi, I’m Mathilde Oord from Stavanger, Norway. I love to take photos! For years I’ve been an eager and passionate hobby photographer. Working as a web designer and graphic designer in MOFix Design, I often need good photos for websites, magazines, newspapers, folders, brochures, posters, social media etc. Good images are so important! A good image says more than 1000 words.

With many different clients for websites and other services, I often hear they say that it’s difficult to deal with updating websites with images. They buy one good image, and then it’s way too big for a website, and they have to minimize it in a photo edit program they don’t have. They may be needing the same image, one for print image for a folder and a web image for their website.

It’s often demanded that they have photo editing skills both for print and web images. Their print agency say they need good resolution image in 300dpi and cmyk (which is totally Greek for so many). And then their WordPress blog and website can’t upload images larger than 1 MB, and they need a banner size of the the image for their widescreen slider for the frontpage, and it all gets too complicated to deal with.

With my iPhone 12 Pro Max I take raw images in a very good quality. For web images and print it’s working very well. I have much larger files available if someone is special interested inmuch larger print than around 100 cm / 39 inches. Then I will have to prepare it for that and it will cost more. Please contact me on post@iphotos.no for more information.

This webshop is made first and formost for the ones who needs webimages and printfiles, that are easy available in one image folder to buy and download for a good price. With so many images I have taken and still take, it’s great to share them with many more! This webshop will continueally be expanded with more and more images.

I will post the new added images on Instagram everytime I have new image packages for you! Please follow me at Instagram.com/iphotos.no

An easy and good solution!

The solution: Make a webshop where each image is in an Image package with different standard sizes of web images and a print file for medium and small print in cmyk and 300dpi. For one image you get a print file for the brochure, canvas, PowerPoints or folder etc., and you get web images for banners, and all the standard sizes you need for a website / blog / word / power point etc.

Every image package includes:

Formats for Web / Word / PowerPoint
X Large 2500×1875 pixels
X Large Panorama 2500×1100 pixels (Just horizontal images)
Large 2000×1500 pixels
Large Panorama 2000×880 pixels (Just horizontal images)
Medium 1200×900 pixels
Equal height and width 1200×1200 pixels (Can be used as round images on websites where the template has round image function, also in Facebook and Instagram posts and feeds).
Small 800×600 pixels

Format for print
Recommended not to have larger than around 100cm / 39 inches on print format! But some have used my print files on 75x100cm canvas, and that’s been looking very well. (You can check with your print provider what size the image you have bought can handle on paper / canvas etc. Some images may work well on larger print while others don’t).

This will save you from a lot of stress regarding working with images. The job is done! Enjoy the photos! You’re welcome 🙂